Topic 3

Topic 3 – The brand called “You”

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Recruiting trends
Technology advancement have grown so fast and convenient, a single search on us will show more than what our resume holds.

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With 93% of recruiters going towards social recruiting[1], we should also focus on our online presences on medias such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all. Our posts, comments and interest on these social media, assist recruiters to create a better image our us from the boring resume we send in, with a professional photo and KSAOs which are stated with rose-tint glasses. Recruiters tend to treasure more on what they find online as it is not crafted specifically for the job, which show case our personality and attitude which most recruiters are looking for to build their organization culture.

69% of recruiters expect increased competition on social recruiting[1], which means recruiters are getting more and more candidates easily with the use of technology and internet[2]. This will require us to maintain a very professional online profile to outshine from the rest of the competition. Any wrong post online such as pictures, comments or status might be the problem for not getting the dream job, an example will be Justine Saccos.


Branding you
To start branding You, we need to start by cleaning up our social media and filter our future post, goodbyes to all the embarrassing drunk pictures, goodbyes to ranting, reserve them for the correct place and correct time. Think in the shoe of your employers, do you want an employee bearing the reputation of your company to be frequently seen drunk and not holding a good personal image with their comments and post? A separate online account with anonymity can exist to help with these issue as stated in Topic 2.


Next is to be as truthful as you can be, with the high reliance of social recruiting, any false information exposed will bring much more damage to our professional profile than we can imagine. With an authentic profession online profile, more referrals from acquaintances will come as your acquaintances referrals are valued more by recruiters with 40% of hires by it[3].


Lastly, will be choosing which social platform to focus on, with 74% of job posting on LinkedIn and 94% of recruiters relying[2], having a professional designed LinkedIn profile will  give us a kick start in the rising trend of social recruiting. Not forgetting about Facebook, Twitter and etc, they should also be align will the contents on LinkedIn to have a authentic online profile.

In conclusion, being a future marketer myself, there is a absolute need to package and market myself before I can help market the organization products and services. We should follow this flow of clean up, filter, stay authentic and choosing the right media to developing a professional online profile as the more true your online and offline profile are, the more authentic your online profile will be.

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How One Stupid Tweet Blew Up Justine Sacco’s Life by Jon Ronson – Accessed on 05112015

“Authenticity is Magnetic”


7 thoughts on “Topic 3 – The brand called “You”

  1. Hi Easter,

    With regards to cleaning up our online profile.
    I’m thinking about the previous topic where we discuss the different identities we use to portray ourselves online. There’s the identity we use in front of our close friends and families and then, there are those we use for work.
    And it did seem that there is a striking need to differentiate ourselves with multiple identities instead of just building up one identity.

    This then brings us to this discussion about building up a professional profile.
    Should we attempt to set up a professional profile, wouldn’t that mean we need to clean up EVERYTHING?
    Which then could affect our “friends & family” identity.
    This will only leave us with a single identity.
    Wouldn’t this then put us at a dilemma?
    Our profile becomes singular and authentic which could lead to security risks.
    And remember there is that bit about using the internet anonymously?

    Please do let me know your idea on this. Thanks! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Greetings Edward,

      It is true that if we want to set up a professional profile, a clean up with be needed.

      This however doesn’t mean that a clean up will affect “friends & family”, the clean up most commonly removes racist post, embarrassing image, unthoughful post or comments. In lieu of doing this, it also helps to improve our image in “friends & family” point of view.

      With reference to my topic 2 post, I actually support multiple identity, so long we use the anonymity for the right purpose and way. To answer for security risk, nothing that went online can really be as secure, a website can be reliable but they are still venerable to hackers targeting at database, thus, whenever we post anything online, we should be conscious and comfortable with strangers knowing it at their fingertips via internet.

      I hope this helps to clarify your doubts and thanks for the insightful comments 😀



  2. Hi Easter,

    It was nice reading your view on creating a professional online profile. You mentioned cleaning up our image, for examples those embarrassing drunk and party pictures, but imagine maintaining and updating your personal social media for many years, having to backtrack and deleting everything is tedious! I know from experience, because an old friend of mine went to re-activate his Facebook account, and all our past photos that I was tagged in are being linked back to my profile! I really had a hard time un-tagging myself from all those photos, haha!

    I really like the point where you brought up authenticity. I was just searching for tutorial videos on creating a killer LinkedIn profile, and there were people commenting that they hated LinkedIn cause there were dozens of fake and suspicious accounts! I strongly agree that being authentic is crucial in setting up an online profile, or you would just be seen as a fraud.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sup Shannon,

      Thanks for the compliments!

      I can imagine the pain of cleaning up out online profile after years of teenage havoc😂 but I agree with the saying “Do what other won’t do today, so I can do what other can’t do tomorrow”, this will be the stepping stone towards building our professional online profile.

      Personally, I believe if our past photos or comments and status are not too extreme, they should still stay. Having a too perfect online profile, it speaks more suspicion than wow, it is the little imperfection that leads on to perfection. Hopefully this helps to answer the next question about creating authenticity on our professional online profile.

      Once again thanks for the compliments 😄, cheers to more great post ahead!



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